Rural Boss – Application Directions

Soil Preparation

5 -10L concentrate per ha: 50 -100ml per litre of water approx

Pre-planting apply Rural Boss to promote and accelerate microbial activity in the soil. This rate can be increased as the product benefits accumulate with every use. The cost effectiveness of Rural Boss allows for increased applications if desired. Note: Initially use lower mixing rates if high applications of inorganic/synthetic fertilisers have been previously used, as Rural Boss releases residual artificial nutrient build up.

During Life of Crop

Increase application rate as crop matures.

For best results apply at least 4 times during life of crop. Increase application rate if applying less than 4 times through life of the crop.

Seedlings initial rate

1 – 2L per ha: 10 – 20ml per litre of water.

Short maturing crops (ie. leafy and vine vegetables)

20 – 30L per ha: 20 – 30ml per litre of water.

Mid maturing crops (ie. cereals)

30 – 40L per ha: 30 – 40ml per litre of water.

Long maturing crops (ie. cotton, maize, sugar cane)

40 – 50L per ha: 40 – 50ml per litre of water.

After Harvest Application

5 -10L concentrate per ha: 50 -100ml per litre of water approx. Applied in the same manner as a foliar spray.

Rural Boss can be sprayed on stubble/trash to accelerate the breakdown of solid matter into an added nutrient form. This increases the carbon content of the soil and provides an added food source for microbial activity during the spelling period prior to next planting.

Horticulture/Permaculture/Green House Application

1 – 2L concentrate per ha: 10 – 20ml per litre of water approx. Increase slightly if required.

Easy to apply through any irrigation/fertigation or sprinkler system in accordance with watering program.
Withholding period 2-3 days for fruits, vegetables, crops and animals grazing on pastures or crops.As with all plant nutrients wash fruit and vegetables before eating.