Results & Grower Testimonials

From fruit and vegetable farmers, cane growers, banana growers, dairy and beef farmers and grain growers from around Australia.

Waltanna Farms video series - In this 7 part video series Michael Nagorkca from Waltanna Farm talks about improved root… Read more
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Rural Boss – four seasons Sorghum trial - Rural Boss - Sorghum, chick pea and wheat trials Four seasons of outstanding results growing… Read more
Higher yield Lucerne crop Sexton Queensland - Higher yield Lucerne crop Janet & David Golding get 30% more yield from their Leucerne… Read more
organic fig grower testimonial Fig grower Redlands Queensland - Organic fig grower Redlands Queensland My name is Su P, I am a 3rd generation… Read more
Chick Pea and Wheat Results Ruralboss – Sorghum chick pea and wheat crops - Wheat chick pea sorghum and sunflowers crops After the great success the growers had with… Read more
RuralBoss – Wamuran Strawberry Grower - Wamuran Strawberry Grower Berry Patch Marketing’s Ben Davey is extremely pleased he made the decision… Read more
Rural Boss sorghum cover trial Rural Boss Sorghum cover crop trial - Rural Boss sorghum & cow pea cover crop trial Wamuran strawberry grower Ben Davey, after… Read more
Pasture Die Back Prevention Tairo Queensland - Pasture die back prevention Tairo Queensland This drone footage was taken at Lyn & Raymond… Read more
Top dollar for parsley bunch - Top dollar for parsley bunch We are a small family business growing 9000 Parsley plants… Read more
Wheat Crop at Alvalea Roma - Wheat Crop at Alvalea Roma 2011   Aussie Helper Brian Crosbie organised a container of… Read more
20% increase in Milk Protein - Dairy Farmer Gets 20% increase in Milk Protein After talking to Don I got some… Read more
Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Farmers - BUNDABERG FRUIT & VEGETABLE FARMERS Bundaberg fruit & vegetable farmers Brian & Jill Larkin talk… Read more
Sugar Cane Grower - Sugar Cane Grower talks Rural Boss Dale Hiscock talks about the fantastic results he has… Read more
Zucchini and Tomato Grower - Zucchini and Tomato Grower Rebecca Allen talks about the great results her and husband Dave… Read more
Banana Grower - Bundaberg Banana Grower Mario Altadonna, Banana Grower, Bundaberg talks about the benefits of using Rural… Read more
Tomato and Sugar Cane Grower - Tomato and Sugar Cane Grower Jason Attard tomato and sugar cane grow talks about his… Read more
Certified Organic Grower - Certified Organic Growers Mexborough Organic Farm Bundaberg talking about their results from using Rural Boss… Read more