Basic Science

Genetically speaking, it is generally agreed in science that one gene carries the directions for making one protein. It is the proteins that control the movement of energy and materials throughout the plant during its growth. Proteins such as Chlorophyll, enzymes and hormones are made up of amino acid chains. Among its other duties, the gene carries the list of amino acids that are bonded together to make the protein that it (the gene) represents. There are only about twenty amino acids that are widely recognised, and the gene is very specific in the order and the inclusion of the various elements. To leave any out would result in a dysfunctional protein.

Let’s go back to the statement that ‘Optimum plant growth is possible only when all the essential elements are  adequately supplied and in balance with each other.’ Vigorous plant growth, supported only by an excessive supply of N.P.K (Particularly nitrogen) without the support of other minerals can lead to a depletion of minerals in the soil. If the depleted mineral is needed for the production of a required amino acid, it follows that the protein will not be properly formed.

Loosely speaking, this is where a number of the issues, such as shelf life, taste and plant health come from.  Rural Boss addresses all these issues by unlocking and making available a wide range of elements during application. Worth noting perhaps is that while plants are not directly sensitive the pH of the soil, they are in fact sensitive to the e ect of acidity on the availability and form of plant nutrients. In passing, pH is also a signi cant factor in determining the quantity and diversity of soil organisms. 

A neutral pH allowing greater diversity in this instance than say a pH of below 6(Acid) Since the biota in Rural Boss is one of these soil organisms, a signifcantly acid soil may inhibit the soil conditioning bene t of the product. In English, underlying issues such as soil pH can greatly a ect the performance of any fertiliser.

Simple soil testing kits are available at most major hardware’s and are easy to use and inexpensive.