It’s time to change!

Urea shortages, rapidly increasing fertiliser prices and availability are creating problems for farmers and the trucking industry. Demand and supply shifts have contrived to push up fertiliser prices by about threefold in a year, according to the World Bank.

If your productivity is dependent on urea, your profits are under threat and a continuous supply cannot be guaranteed.  In fact, prepare to pay more and wait longer!

There is a better way to grow food and ultimately increase productivity and profitability.

It takes a shift in mindset, a stepping out of the comfort of what we know and a questioning of ‘the way it’s always been done’.

Consider a quick transition to sustainable agriculture and the use of unique bio-fertiliser RURAL BOSS. Once you start using Rural Boss, it won’t take long to exceed your current productivity and quality of produce, which will deliver profitability unable to be achieved by conventional practices.

We can help make you more profits and get into capturing carbon to make you more money.

We stand by our product and provide guidance, support and the science, that can help you achieve a 100% regenerative farm.

Profit – Production – Sustainability 

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