Local man's fight for sustainable solutions

Danny Hood moved to Eumundi from central Queensland in 1995 in search of greener pastures.

With its rural feel and city living lifestyle, Eumundi and the wider Sunshine Coast Region was a very attractive draw card. Danny is a 5th generation farmer raised in Central Queensland.

Having been involved in different farming systems over the years, Danny has always had an interest in sustainable land use practices, and has worked hard to ensure that his impact on the land around him is kept as minimal as possible. The outcome of this interest was a range of organically certified products that do just that!

Danny Hood CEO Boss Aust

His company, aptly named ‘Boss (Aust) Pty Ltd’ (Bio Organic Sustainable Solutions) says it all, and the products have proven to outperform other fertilisers by increasing yield and nutritional value while ensuring a sustainable future for us all. These bio-fertilisers are all certified for organic input by ‘Australian Certified Organic’ and represent a much more effective alternative to chemical based fertilisers, seaweed and other garden products.

The product range has been designed for use on farms, local properties, businesses and community areas. Danny says ‘I think that everyone who is conscious of the environment will have varying reasons as to the importance of using a bio-organic sustainable solution versus a chemical alternative.’

The retail product ‘GROW’ and commercial product ‘Rural Boss’ both have enormous potential and Boss (Aust) is expanding its business across Australia and the world. The company is currently exporting to Singapore where the product is being used by the world class ‘Gardens by the Bay’ and in various ‘Greening Singapore’ projects.

Boss (Aust) is also working on export opportunities to China and has a strong relationship with a Chinese consortium focused on sustainable farming in Yunnan Province.

Lou Hatton and the late Mr Jicky with vegetables on the roof of a modern hospital in Singapore

The Australian retail line ‘GROW’ has a unique refill service that allows any plant enthusiast, home gardener, or garden maintenance person to take their ‘GROW’ containers back to stockists to refill for much less therefore recycling those containers, yet another sustainable benefit.

This has many bonuses, including reducing plastic waste, as well as allowing the company to provide the products in bulk form. For retailers, it increases the likelihood that customers will come back to utilise the refill stations and become repeat customers.

When Danny isn’t travelling to promote and discuss his business, he is on his motorbike exploring the beautiful Hinterland Region.

The amazing landscape of the hills and winding roads provides Danny with a good escape outlet constantly reminding him of how great the Sunshine Coast really is.

The Boss (Aust) team would like to ‘deliver a unique opportunity to the Sunshine Coast, and from the Sunshine Coast. We started this company here and want to see it grow to world standards.’ Danny says.

Danny’s simple request; when buying a fertiliser, please ask for the local product ‘GROW’. The company’s ‘GROW’ program is focused on the Sunshine Coast aiming to further reinforce the region’s credentials as a sustainable region.